Woman Blamed For Ruining The Evening After Asking Partner’s Nephews Not To Play With Her Wheelchair, Asks The Internet If She Overreacted.

It’s important to respect when a person says something related to them or their belongings. Life is challenging and does have its ups and downs. For a limited mobility person it will be even more challenging. It’s our responsibility to make sure the person feels comfortable. Here a girl with limited mobility had gone to her boyfriend’s home when kids around played with her wheelchair which she politely refused not to. However, read the story to see how her boyfriend reacted and let us know who was right. 

Source: Reddit

I (28 F) went to with my partner (29 M) to meet his family for the first time and it was going great had to answer a few obnoxious health questions as people were curious about the chair but nothing i’m not used to and I can mostly block those out by now and beyond that it was a nice meeting and I was having fun.

I have limited mobility so to be more comfortable i’d moved myself onto the couch to join in the conversation with my chair nearby, my boyfriends Nephews (age 9 and 5) pounced at this point and began to play with it, sitting on it and trying to push it about thought they couldn’t budge it thankfully. I told them nicely that I need that and to please not play with it as they might damage it or worse get hurt themselves.

This was laughed off by my Boyfriends Mother who told me not to worry about it as they were good boys and they’d be careful so it was fine, which got me rather upset and I told them very firmly that no it was not ok and my wheelchair was not a toy and asked again that they please leave it alone, my Boyfriend told me I was being too sensitive and they were just kids and to let it go, but the atmosphere was ruined for the night and my Boyfriend blames me for making things awkward and that they were doing no harm…Am I in the wrong for demanding this? it seemed reasonable but I feel awful now for how they’ve all reacted…

Do you think she reacted too sensitively?

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