Woman ‘blocked’ by family after spending $55k to look like ‘human Barbie’

A lady who was shunned by her family because of her large boobs was eventually embraced back by her grandmother after she paid $55,000 to become a real-life Barbie doll.

Jessica, now known as Jessy Bunny, left her family home in Nuremberg, Germany, at the age of 17 to begin her physical makeover. She received five breast surgeries, as well as lip and buttock augmentation procedures, after going to Vienna for modeling gigs.

Jessy, presently 21, said she even had surgery to increase her outer labia. Her orthodox family was appalled by her new appearance and entirely cut her off. Jessy has now announced that she has got an offer to return home from her grandma. The self-proclaimed model plans to visit Nuremberg shortly.

Jessy does not have a driver’s license since she used all of the cash her parents paid her for driving lessons to pay for her first cosmetic surgery.

Jessy expressed her strained connection with her family. They are restricting her calls. This is extremely unfortunate since she would love to communicate with her family, particularly her sibling and grandparents.

She keeps messaging but receives no responses. She feels though she has done no harm to them then why is her family reacting like this simply because of her appearance.

She identifies herself as a fashion model with a cup size of “2000cc (cubic centimeters) and increasing” on Instagram, where she has approximately 100,000 followers.

Her current cup size is 75N, which is 11 times D. When asked if she was comfortable today, platinum blonde Jessy, who also had surgery to correct her nose, said she can picture having several more procedures.

She continued saying having the largest plastic breasts in Austria just isn’t enough for her. She, too, wants the most enormous lips in the country. She explains it’s fantastic to get up in the morning and feel joyful and at ease in your own flesh.

The Vienna-based model said of her adolescent years in Nuremberg she always appeared to be cool and strong, but she never was. She had black short hair, several piercings, and dreadlocks. However, that was not her genuine self. Her parents had staunchly conservative views about schooling. It was like a nightmare for them whenever she wore attractive outfits in the summer. They presented her with silk scarves to conceal her cleavage.

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