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Woman calls for child-free suburbs because she doesn’t want to live near screaming kids.

Many parents agree with an Australian woman’s controversial request for “adult-only” neighborhoods with stringent no-kids-permitted rules.

Baby Soja, a 27-year-old Melbourne TikToker, said these locations are needed for adults who ‘hate kids’ like her.

She is ‘sick’ of kids upsetting the peace and tranquility of swimming pools and other public places.

Some angry people told her to “move to a retirement community” if she wanted to relax, while others said they would pay all of their money to move to a place without children.

Her displeasure developed when she went swimming in a pool and saw that children were jumping in and out of the lap lane, stopping others from exercising.

People had many different thoughts about the controversial video, but most people, including hundreds of parents, supported the notion.

@soybabie__ I know im evil but theyre SO loud please i want peace and quiet are there adults only pools in melbourne?? #fyp #kidfree #childfree ♬ original sound – Baby Soja

Other individuals, though, informed her that these zones actually exist and are known as ‘retirement towns.’

The TikToker responded to trolls who made derogatory comments in the comments area. She explained that she is not suggesting kids shouldn’t be permitted at the pool; it’d simply be wonderful if there were more spaces just for people to enjoy, including parents who want to relax apart from their children.

@soybabie__ Replying to @Serephina LMaooo so many people pressed in the comments like soz that some people dont want to be around kids 24/7. Im not saying kids shouldnt be alllwed at the pool itd just be nice if there were more places that were JUST for adults to enjoy and that includes parents wanting a break from their kids too chillll 🤌🏼🌹👄😌 #fyp #melbourne #childfree #naarm ♬ original sound – Kardashian Clips

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