Woman Can’t Stop Blaming Herself When Neighbor Got Her Boyfriend Arrested.

Domestic violence does not mean only physical it can also be verbal. No one should be treated badly. It is not easy to deal with domestic violence however you don’t need to deal with it alone. Ask for help and live a happy, peaceful and safe life. (This story was sent to us by Sarah).

Source: Reddit

Last night, we got into such a small fight, but I was annoyed so I was packing a suitcase to go to my parents. Then he came upstairs and it’s all such a blur, but things escalated to where he grabbed my phone (I was recording because when this sort of thing happens I tend to gaslight myself a lot) and started choking me and put his foot on my neck. That’s when it hit me that I could die. Not on purpose because I really do feel he is a good guy, but when he is angry, sometimes I feel he doesn’t realize how angry he gets.

I called my parents and he even talked to them a little, blaming me for everything. He had a lot of scratches on his face and chest from when he was choking me. I ended up trying to get a hotel for the night, but I’m alone in a new city and it was close to 3. I couldn’t find one. So, I came home and slept on the couch.

He came downstairs a few times to talk (sometimes he was aggressive, sometimes he really seemed to care) and I even went upstairs to talk and apologize, but he blatantly called me abusive and said it was all my fault for getting him mad.

This sort of thing has happened with us before and I used to believe him when he blamed me, but I’ve been on anti anxiety medication for a few months now which has really changed how i react emotionally and I knew I didn’t instigate him.

Well, we slept it off and I was planning on grabbing as much as i could and going to my parents house and never seeing him again. This morning though, the police came. I am sure the neighbor’s called. They ended up taking him away in handcuffs. It’s been a few hours now and I can’t help but blame myself. I don’t know what to do.

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