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Woman celebrates 114th birthday with 97-yr-old primary caregiver sister – last 2 left of 20 siblings left.

Nina Willis celebrated her 114th birthday on Saturday. This is no minor achievement since just a few individuals on the planet can live this long!

Nina’s family frequently acknowledges their elders. They treat them with courtesy and respect, so she is constantly surrounded by those she cares about. Piccola, her younger sister, is her primary carer. Piccola is already 97 years old!

They mean everything to her. She really adores them both, Beverly Frazier, her niece, remarked.

Another relative added to Nina’s excitement by adding, she makes them laugh a lot and simply provides joy to the heart.

Both sisters live together and have spent the most of their lives in Georgia, their native state. But it wasn’t just the two of them when they first began out. Nina and Piccola were only two of twenty siblings! There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her, Piccola stated enthusiastically, adding, she’s her pride and happiness. If she outlives her, she intends to care for her.

Willis may be the state’s oldest inhabitant. And, despite being bedridden for some time, she is glad to be alive!

Although being in bed, she is cognitively alert and eager to engage in conversations and offer observations with all.

She and her brothers worked on a farm until moving to Atlanta in 1947.

Nina’s niece Fraizer says that even at the age of 100, Nina was as sharp as a point!

Piccola explained the sisters’ long lives by saying, doing the right thing. Taking care of others.

The family feels their long lives are due to their respect and affection for one another.

What a sweet family! We want Nina Willis to have a very happy birthday!

Please join us in wishing Nina Willis a happy birthday and wishing her a long and healthy life.

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