Woman celebrates her 101st birthday – she still does all her house chores herself

Most individuals do not live to see their 100th birthday, but a few are fortunate enough to. And even among those who do make there, not everybody is capable of fully taking part in their own celebration.

But this 101-year-old not only had a wonderful birthday celebration, but she also continues to live every day to the utmost in the most inspiring way!

Helen Beebe is an important member of her Howard City, Michigan, community. She was born in 1921 and is an active part of the community in the city.

She is an active member of the city’s community center and is well-liked by all who come and work there. In celebration of her 101st birthday, the center hosted a potluck birthday party for her, which she thoroughly loved.

Helen claimed that, despite being 101 years old, she still does all of her housework alone and even finds time and stamina to bake on a daily basis. Her weekly plan also involves a visit to the grocery shop on Wednesdays and a visit to the community center on Fridays.

When asked what her secret is for maintaining her intellect and body sharp throughout the years, she responds it is her hectic routine. She firmly thinks that if an individual has something to do and stays moving, they will remain intellectually and physically alert.

She stated that the practice of moving and staying active was ingrained in her and her siblings by their parents, who constantly kept their kids engaged and busy in some way. Her parents took them here and there and kept them doing things… that’s what she calls life, she explained.

Helen Beebe enjoys dancing as well. Her favorite type of dancing is polka, however her senior age prevents her from participating. She, on the other hand, still dances to slow tracks.

It is always motivating to learn of individuals who not only live such long lives, but also enjoy them to the maximum even at such old ages.

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