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Woman Charged With Murdering Grandmother Delivers Message To Victim’s Family.

A lady from Birmingham has been charged with murder after police allege she collided with another car while street racing. As per police paperwork, Carmesia Flannigan, 22, was arrested and booked into Jefferson County Jail after striking and murdering 52-year-old Brandy Ballard and fled the scene.

Flannigan was also charged with unauthorized possession of a controlled drug and leaving the scene of an accident with injury, in addition to murder. The young woman’s following communication to the victim’s family and her accusers, on the other hand, has aroused even greater fury.

Flannigan released a video statement that went viral after posting a $175,000 bail. The irate lady hurls expletives, criticizes the slain victim, and claims she’s innocent and will fight her murder charge on the video.

Flannigan blamed the cops of a conspiracy, claiming that they only detained her since she was “alive” at the time and “was present” at the site. She subsequently blamed the victim, claiming that Ballard’s death was her own responsibility.

Flannigan then deleted the message however later published a lengthy video diatribe. In it, her mom defends her, and the two shout expletives at detractors while promising to win the criminal case against her.

Ballard’s surviving family members were understandably offended by Flannigan’s lack of empathy and bold comments directed at their departed grandmother. They are hopeful that the tapes will prove the court that the suspected killer of the grandma merits a heavy penalty.

Flannigan’s criminal background was revealed after the video was released. Flannigan was charged with first-degree domestic violence with a handgun just months before she was accused of Ballard’s killing. She was charged with shooting a pistol and injuring a woman in the foot. A year before, she was charged with first-degree armed burglary for allegedly breaking into a residence with the purpose of stealing.

Flannigan was freed on bail with each additional charge. After her inflammatory social media remarks, Ballard’s family thought the judge would revoke Flannigan’s bond.

Flannigan is not only unable to accept responsibility for her conduct, but she has also shown no sorrow for the killing of an innocent lady. In reality, she has openly voiced scorn towards Ballard and her family, and she believes herself to be the victim.

Flannigan has consistently demonstrated that she is a danger to society. Ballard’s family will perhaps obtain justice via the judicial system and find some closure.

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