Woman Confused Whether To Go At Her Sister’s Wedding After Reading Jokes About Her In The Invitation Mail.

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I used to be severely overweight in school and college. I had a lot of personal issues growing up, and reacted in very unhealthy ways. I ate far too much, never exercised, and when I got to college I started drinking. Everyone in the town I grew up in knew me as the fat party girl.

A couple of years ago I moved away for a new job and started seeing a therapist. With her help, I started making lifestyle changes and getting a grip on myself. Part of this was going LC with my family, who I realized in therapy were major contributors to my issues. I do not use social media anymore, and haven’t seen my family since I moved away.

Another part was finally coming out of the closet, and my new girlfriend has been hugely supportive and a big help in getting me into fitness and eating better. It’s still a lifelong journey. The Point is, since the last time I saw my family I’ve lost well over a hundred pounds (probably closer to two hundred), have come out of the closet, and dyed my hair.

Today I got a wedding invitation for my big sister and her long-time boyfriend as part of a long email catching me up on what’s been happening in our hometown since I left. Part of that email were some of the jokes we used to make about my weight, and drinking.

I don’t know if I want to go back to a pit of what I now understand was full of emotional abuse and unhealthy coping mechanisms, and I’m afraid that I might be seen as ‘upstaging’ my sister. My mom always used to make fun of ‘people who think they’re better than us.’

My girlfriend thinks it might be good to get some closure on this part of my life, and patch up what relationships I can, but has promised to support me whatever I decide to do.

Has anyone been in a situation like this and know whether it was worth it?

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