Woman Criticised Severely For Not Taking Husband’s Brother On A Vacation

We all love going to holidays with people that we enjoy and love being with. Read this story to know what happened when this family decided to go for a holiday and let us know how you would deal with such a situation.

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My f25 husband’s m27 remaining parents passed away about 4 months ago. He has a 17 yo brother (Ryan) who is now living with their aunt. He’s autistic and I kind of find it hard to interact with him and being around him generally gives me anxiety.

Anyways, my husband and I planned to go on vacation and he told me that he would like to take Ryan with us to cheer him up a bit after all that he’s been through. I declined but he went on about how this isn’t a couple’s getaway and that he was okay with me bringing my friend with us and asked why he can’t bring Ryan. I told him that first of, I already stated how I can’t handle Ryan’s autism and also, I’ve never been on vacation with him and I don’t know how he would behave. My husband got offended and called me cruel to think it’s OK to exclude his brother who is now so orphan basically just because of slight inconveniences. I told him to drop it but he lectured me about how he’s the one paying for it which really irked me because I’d paid for so many things in the past.

His aunt called to give me “stern talk” about this saying that Ryan did nothing to me and that it was cruel of me to try to exclude him and ignore my husband’s wishes.

We’re still arguing about it and my friend thinks that my husband is trying to control me by using the fact that he is the one paying to spring whoever he wants on me on the vacation. 

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