Woman Dealing With Anxiety Tells Exactly How To Deal With It.

Story by Jenni Brennan

Anxiety is…

Anxiety is setting multiple alarms every day so that you are never late for anything but then being uncomfortable if you arrive too early.

Anxiety is working efficiently and being over productive but then crying in the shower because it’s all just too much.

Anxiety is leaving text messages from friends unanswered because you overthink your response but then believing unanswered messages from friends must mean they don’t like you.

Anxiety is being too exhausted to be awake but too exhausted to fall sleep.

Anxiety is feeling like your brain never stops racing but being unsure how to sit in the silence.

Anxiety is believing that you are not enough and then worrying that you are too much.

Anxiety is something that has shaped part of your story.

But… Anxiety is not something that defines you. Anxiety is not something to be ashamed of. Anxiety is not something you have to manage alone. Anxiety is not something to avoid talking about.

You are more than anxiety.

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