Woman Demands Brother’s Fiancée Dress ‘Appropriately’ Now That She’s A ‘Serious Engaged Woman.’

Fashion may be found anywhere. Everything we wear is a sort of fashion that conveys a message. It’s true that no one has a right to tell someone what or how to wear, however, an individual should know to dress appropriately and should be comfortable in whatever attire they wear. In this story a sister tried to advise her brother’s fiancé about her dressing style which didn’t go well. Read the story and let us know whether the sister was right in expressing her views.

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My SIL is my younger brother’s fiancée and soon to be wife. Both her and my brother are 26. I met her when she was 18 when she first started dating him and we had a pretty good relationship. Since then she’s been wearing lots of revealing outfits. At first I wouldn’t comment on it but as my brother’s relationship with her got serious, my parents and I believed we should tell my brother to tell her to dress more appropriately.

Whenever we’d bring it up to my brother he’d get mad and told us to mind our business. Once they got engaged we believed that finally she’d be more serious and look out for her image as she’s supposed to be a wife soon enough and later a mother. We were wrong. She didn’t only not start dressing more appropriately but she got worse. Whenever we’d bring it up to my brother he’d tell us we can’t police what she wears but he wouldn’t understand how it’s just disrespectful of her.

To be honest she didn’t dress in reveling outfits in family gatherings like Xmas or thanksgiving. But she’d wear those outfits on her bday or my brother’s bday or whenever they’d hang out alone or with friends.

My brother’s bday was last week and we were invited to his party. Before that my parents and I agreed that if she’s dressed inappropriately again I’ll call her out because my brother is spineless and won’t ever do that. As always she was dressed inappropriately. She wore some skintight pants and a crop top that looked like a bra. I took her aside and told her that she should start behaving like a serious engaged woman because that’s not a look a woman in a committed relationship should have, since its disrespectful towards my brother but also us. She cursed me out and then told my brother who also cursed me out and kicked me and our parents out of the party.

Friends and relatives who were there partly agreed with me and said that she’s dressing inappropriately but that I also crossed the line and should keep my opinion to myself. My brothers friends on the other hand apparently all believe I am Jerk and that it’s none of my business how SIL dresses.

Did I go too far here? Do me and my family have a valid point or not?

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