Woman Devastated When Ex-Boyfriend Informed About His New Relationship.

Children are a blessing from God. However, not everyone is prepared to be a parent. There is just one option: continue the pregnancy or not. Read on to find out what occurred when this woman found out she was pregnant and what you would do in her circumstance.

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I’m 16 weeks pregnant today! Yay!

Before the judgement starts, I’m 25, financially stable with a car and a house and can provide for a baby.

At 4 weeks, I called my then-boyfriend sobbing because I was pregnant. I was upset because I’m career oriented, but ultimately decided to keep the baby. Abortion was still legal in my state (it isn’t anymore) and I could have gotten one if I needed to, but I want to raise this child. He broke up with me over the phone and blocked me because he said it was unfair that I didn’t get an abortion because I was basically making the choice for him.

I understand his point of view (don’t agree) so I let it go. I moved on. I went to my appointments by myself, found out the gender (it’s a boy!), and have started decorating his room. I finally felt happy and had completely moved on from the huge act of betrayal I faced early on. I legitimately felt so good about myself, the pregnancy, my life… things were so, so good.

Yesterday, my ex called me with a blocked number and asked to talk. I was cautious and considered saying no but I thought if he finally came to his senses and wanted to be involved, I needed to hear him out. Instead, he tells me his new girlfriend, whom he has dated for “84 days” is pregnant. He called me because he thought I would be “happy for him” because I have “moved on and am happy with my life”. He’s going to be involved and supportive to the new girl and their child, but has not changed his mind on being involved with ours. I unblocked him to give him a chance to explain, but in it ended with me confirming to him that he would never hear from me again. I changed my phone number this morning.

I know I am pregnant and need to be strong, but Jesus Christ I wouldn’t wish the feeling I have on a single other person on this earth. I feel so unwanted, so useless, so immensely miserable. I don’t know how I can move forward. I can’t tell anyone about this because it’s such an embarrassing thing.. How do you even pick yourself up after feeling this devastated?

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