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Woman Dies In Shootout With Officer, Family Gives Bizarre Reason She’s Not To Blame

Metropolitan Nashville Police Officer Josh Baker signaled the motorist to pull over after running the plates on a black Chevy Camaro.

According to The Police Tribune, the cop anticipated the driver to be car owner Demond Buchanan, who had six outstanding narcotics warrants. Nika Holbert, 31, took her place.

Officer Baker searches Holbert’s luggage while she calls her mom to bring her up and continuously refuses his orders not to reach inside the car, according to body cam footage. He allegedly uncovers illicit substances in her suitcase and warns her that she will be arrested. Holbert then snatches her purse and runs into the car, reaching across to the passenger seat as the cop points his Taser at her.

Officer Baker’s Taser is shown being used in the footage, but Holbert continues to fight arrest and reach around her truck. The cop presses the Taser on the woman’s arm and deploys it again as a result of the fight. She still tries to move about the automobile, which is incredible. Holbert finally discovers what she’s been hunting for.

Holbert draws a gun on Officer Baker, leading him to brandish his own weapon and urge her to drop it. Holbert then fires several shots at Officer Baker, injuring him in the torso. He fires back, striking the woman twice before closing the door and speeding away. Officer Baker received surgery and was able to recover from his wounds. Holbert passed away in the hospital.

Despite video evidence of the event, Holbert’s family believes she did nothing wrong. In fact, the woman’s mother, who prefers to remain anonymous, believes Officer Baker killed her daughter and should have “walked away” rather than attempting to detain her.

Holbert’s mother insisted that her daughter only pulled a revolver on the officer out of self-defense. She also claims that the police were attempting to kill her daughter.

Even after seeing the body cam film, Nika Holbert’s mother claims she was acting in self-defense and that the police fired first. She now seeks “justice” for her daughter.

Despite her mother’s assurances that her daughter is a “nice kid,” Holbert has had some run-ins with the authorities in the past. Holbert’s criminal history consists of a variety of crimes, such as driving while revoked and stealing under $500. She was additionally charged with felony narcotics possession in 2010 and public obscenity in 2017.

Officer Baker did all he could to de-escalate the scenario and used great restraint, according to the police department, which has officially evaluated the event. Nonetheless, Holbert’s mother intended to hire a lawyer and take on the department herself.

The event exemplifies a troubling surge in anti-law enforcement sentiment. Unfortunately, this merely puts police personnel, suspects, and citizens in risk, and it encourages lawlessness in the name of justice.

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