Woman Discovers Boyfriend Secretly Saved His Ex’s Used Tampons as ‘Keepsakes’

The greatest approach to get to know someone you’re dating is to spend time with them – or dig through their belongings. However, one lady learnt more about the new man in her life than she ever intended to when she took advantage of some alone time at his apartment. Rather than a concealed mess or some humiliating images, she discovered something more interesting: a container of his ex-used girlfriend’s tampons. Read the story and what would you do in such a situation.

Source: Reddit

Okay, you are really going to have to go with me here…i still can’t quite get my head around it. I was at this guy’s apartment after we had seen a movie and he went out to the store to get us some condoms, as he realised he didn’t have any. I know it’s bad to snoop but I felt like I wanted to get to know him better…we have only been seeing each other for 3 and a half weeks.

Long story short, I opened the bed side table drawer next to his bed, which had a clear jar in it with four used tampons in it. Obviously at this point I froze, trying to find a logical explanation as to why they could be there.

He gets back and I confront him about it. He really went off at me about snooping…but eventually said that they were his ex’s tampons, and that he’s got a thing for periods. The worst part is she doesn’t even know, he used to fish them out the bin to keep so that he could look at them later. Obviously I’m not seeing him again, but do I tell his ex what I found? I know who she is and i feel like i have some sort of responsibility to tell her

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