Woman Documents Her Husband’s Attempts At Making The Bed For The First Time In 45 Years.

There are a lot of things that make a marriage work. But for a good married life, it’s vital to find ways to split the daily tasks and responsibilities of the house.

While most husbands suppose their wives to take care of the home, clean up and do small things like making the bed. But occasionally letting your husband does it can lead to some laughter and fun.

For Joanne Sterling and her husband, things were a slight different. For the past 45 years, it had been Joanne’s job to make the bed every single day. That meant her husband hadn’t made the bed once in 45 years. Ultimately, Joanne decided that she was going to hand over the task of making the bed to her husband. What the couple didn’t expect, were the hilarious consequences.

Joanne found her husband’s bed-making abilities to be so amusing that she started taking pictures of his daily efforts in order to keep a record of what every day looks like in their home and share it on Facebook.

Rather than make a simple bed as any person can do, Joanne’s husband, Jim, decided to run with his talent and start including his own spin on things.

Jim has got the absolute right idea for the fancy pillows. He thought of hiding them simply because these pillows are a waste of time and space and they usually end up on the floor anyway. Jim decided to switch the entire bedroom up and put the pillows on the opposite end of the bed.

Some days, Jim took it more than simply arranging the throw pillows in a crazy way. Some days he added other items to the bed, such as stuffed animals and even decorative flamingos just to give a beach look.

First of all, it appears that this couple has a very strong marriage. As the photos show, the husband doesn’t seem to know how to make the bed, but he is a good sport about it and seems to be having fun with it. Also, the wife isn’t adjusting her husband and given freedom to do experiments to make-up the bed. They both look as if to find the whole thing entertaining.

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