Woman Doesn’t Invite Sister’s Husband To Her Wedding As She Doesn’t Want A Man In A Wheelchair In Her Photos.

There is a vow that is taken during marriage ‘In health or in sickness will always be together’ by the wife and the husband. From that time onwards they work as a wonderful team being with each other in happiness and in sorrows. A wife will never allow anyone to disrespect her husband no matter what happens. Here in this story a wife has full rights to be with her husband during a family wedding. But read the story and let us know what your opinion is. 

Source: Reddit

My sister is getting married next month. My husband and I were both planning on going but when we got the invitation it was only for me. When I called my sister and asked about it she said my husband was of course fine to come but she requested that he not be in any family photos.

My husband is in a wheelchair. I’ve been married to him for 8 years. He has been in a wheelchair since he was 16 and my family has always ever known him to be in his chair. Apparently my sister doesn’t want him in any of her wedding photos because she is afraid that he’ll take attention away from her because he is “different”.

She justifies this by saying when people come over and see our family photo they always ask about him because he’s the only one that is in a wheelchair so he stands out. She says she wants to be the main focus in her photos.

I was livid. I went off on her and told her she was being a selfish bridezilla. I told her we wouldn’t be coming. I’ve been getting calls from parents and relatives telling me I need to apologize to my sister because now she’s upset..

I’m angry at them for thinking it’s OK to leave my husband out of family photos because of his disability. My husband hates being a burden on people and he says he’s fine with not being in the photos. Which made me even angrier because now he feels bad about himself for something I feel is unwarranted.

Am I in the wrong if I don’t support my sister’s big day because of this? My husband says we should be there for the family even if he can’t be in the photos. My family says I need to apologize. But I feel like this is an issue I need to fight for. Am I wrong?

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