Woman Doesn’t Want Autistic Sister At ‘Prestigious’ Art Show, Wonders If She’s A Jerk Because Of It.

Being there for our disabled loved ones comes with a lot of responsibility. There are, of course, numerous methods to get through it, but they might place additional demands and problems on the families. Read the story to know why a furious argument with her family took place and let us know what would you have done in this situation.

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I (18f) got into this prestigious art show that I am really excited about. It opens up on Friday and there’s going to be a party, but I didn’t tell my family because I didn’t want my sister (24f) to come.

Long story short, my sister’s autistic. She’s really smart (she went to an Ivy League School!) but does not do well with social cues. Usually, this leads her to belittling me and being mean. My parents always tell me to get over it, and that since she’s autistic, she can’t help it. But she doesn’t unleash on them the same way that she unleashes on me, so I don’t think they really understand. Every time something good happens to me she just kind of sh%ts on it/me and she never, ever apologizes.

Anyhow, my parents found out about the art show and got mad at me for not telling them. They told me they’ll be coming to the opening with my sister (since she’s currently living with us). I ended up breaking down and begging them not to bring her. I worked so, so hard for this and since she thinks that my paintings are silly in the first place, I know she’s going to try bringing me down in front of my friends and teachers.

I asked if they could just wait until after the party and go later (the show will be up for a week) but they said they’d be coming to the party. They also said I was being ableist by wanting to exclude my sister. My sister found out and started screaming at me and calling me an #$%hole for not letting her share this moment with me. From my point of view, I just want to have a happy night and celebrate this accomplishment, but idk. Everyone in my family’s pissed at me so maybe I am the jerk ? 

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