Woman Doesn’t Want Her Husband’s Best Friend to Come Around Anymore. Is She Being a Jerk?

Dealing with someone’s family and friends is a need if you want to maintain a relationship with them. However, what happens if you become weary of your spouse’s BEST friend and decide that you no longer want them in your home? Check out what happened in this story and let us know what your reaction to it is.

Source: Reddit

I had stage IV aggressive breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy and bc of major complications I cannot have a rebuild. (Never) My spouse has been 100% supportive and we have always had a great relationship… until his best friend is around.

I overheard him telling my husband that I have lost my appeal, my beauty, he even said I look trans. Men need breasts and I am no longer attractive. After about 15 minutes of constant nagging and insults, my husband caved and agreed. My hair hasn’t grown back as fast as it should and the years of treatment really affected my teeth. I am still quite beautiful, just different.

Our sex life is great and we are only impacted when his buddy comes around. I’m really starting to hate him. We have kids and a great life. Am I just insecure?

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