Woman Dresses Like A Boy To Get The Job To Survive.

In Tanzania, a 31-year-old Pili left her abusive husband, and the only comfortable way she could hide from him is by disguising herself as a man and going to work in a mine, an occupation where women are strictly not allowed.

Workers there were mining for the rare violet-blue gemstone. Pili hid her hair in a ski cap that covered much of her face. She wore pants and long-sleeved shirts while working alongside other men for 10-12 hours a day. Pili talked tough and was aggressive like a man, and even convinced other miners to stop harassing the women in the nearby village.

When a local woman claimed she had been raped by some of the miners, including Pili, Pili was arrested. Then she asked for a woman to examine her to prove that she could not be responsible for this “rape.” And after doing just that, Pili was immediately released. Her jig was up, but, while working the mines, Pili had come across some very pricey gems, and was able to set up her own mining company and, now being 60, lives in comfort. 

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