Woman Explains Why Being Married And Not Wearing A Ring Is Perfectly Fine.

Source: Reddit

I have recently been reminded about the weirdness of wedding rings and how they can be perceived as I have a friend getting married soon, well as soon as weddings are allowed again.

I have been married for over 10 years. I don’t wear a wedding ring. More accurately I don’t wear any rings, or really any jewellery, unless I fancy getting dressed up for some reason.

I do have a wedding ring but stopped wearing it for practical work reasons quite a few years ago and now it feels weird to wear it at all.

My husband has no issues with this but other people seem to have very strong opinions:

1- How will people know you are married if you don’t wear a ring?

Not sure why it is anyone’s business what my relationship status is.

2- You’re husband must be so disappointed!

No he isn’t, he’s really not fussed at all.

3- You are giving out the wrong signals to men, that isn’t fair.

Does that mean that my relationship is more valid than any of my friends who are in relationships but not married? Of course it isn’t! I don’t get hit on often but on the few occasions it’s happened I’ve been clear that I’m not interested, that worked. Interestingly, I used to say that I was actually married but found that the lack of a ring would cause men to think I was making up crap excuses or looking for something on the side!

4- Why don’t you just get a divorce?

This is my favourite so far. Neither of us want a divorce, we are very happy thanks, a small band of metal isn’t going to make a marriage and better or worse!

So yeah, if you have a ring and choose not to wear it all day, every day then that’s ok. As is wearing it all day, every day, so long as it is your choice.

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