Woman Finds Out Husband Is Having An Affair With His Nurse.

Source: Reddit

My husband (30) was admitted to the hospital for his pre-existing medical condition. He spent a week there and had to undergo a minor surgery. He was being sort of flirty with this nurse who handled his care mostly, but I thought nothing of it as there was some medication and anesthesia involved so I thought his mind wasn’t really there.

But days after he got discharged I found out that he’s been sexting with the nurse. It’s the same nurse. I even have her contact info. He even told her how warm she was to him in that cold hospital room. I was absolutely in shock…I didn’t know what to say or what to do. by the way he’s still in recovery and spends the day in bed. I feel so horrible and want to confront him but I was worried that starting a fight with him about my discovery would worsen his condition.

I’m mad and just beyond angry..I have been doing my best to care for him. completely shattered inside and feel so betrayed. I can’t talk or vent to anyone about this because I know that they would make endless excuses for him. I honestly didn’t think he’d do this especially not at this time when he literally relies on me to take care of him. What should I do?

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