Woman Slammed For Kissing Unsuspecting Men’s T-Shirts In A Bar.

Laughter is the best medicine. Playing a prank is fine until it does not hurt anyone’s sentiments. So while playing a prank, always think before acting it out.

The ‘lipstick bandit,’ a partygoer who was videotaped putting kisses on the shirts of clueless males while on a night out, has been chastised after the video went viral.

The event happened over the weekend in a Sydney Irish bar as part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

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The video, shot by a companion, shows the woman applying lipstick before navigating the crowded dance floor. The video then shows her sneakily kissing the backs of many different bar goers, focused on those wearing white shirts so she may leave a prominent kiss imprint.

While the lady seemed to be thrilled by her joke, many others have expressed their displeasure and outrage, claiming that doing so without the men’s knowledge was unacceptable.

Many people predicted that the lipstick mark would be ‘inexplicable,’ leading to unpleasant confrontations between the men and their spouses and girlfriends, with female partners believing they had been disloyal.

‘This is bad, she wrecked a lot of relationships,’ stated one. ‘She’s trying to get these people in trouble,’ said another. ‘That’s beyond petty; that’s a total stranger,’ remarked a third.

Other comments agreed that the conduct was totally wrong, given that woman had no authorization to kiss the males.

‘She’s kissing them without their consent… and she’s spoiling their clothing,’ stated one. ‘If a male did this, you’d all be outraged, double standard,’ said another.

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