Woman Forced Tinder Date into Bed, Stabbed and Choked Him, and Threatened to Kill Him If He Screamed When DoorDash Arrived: Cops

A 22-year-old woman in Colorado is accused of wrapping her Tinder date with duct tape and then stabbing and strangling him many times before he was able to free himself. Lauren Marie Dooley was arrested last week and charged with second-degree abduction, second-degree assault, and threatening, according to court records. According to the documents, she was also punished with one misdemeanor count of wrongful imprisonment.

According to an affidavit for probable cause, officers with the Colorado Springs Police Department responded to a house in the 2500 block of E Cache La Poudre Street at 5:43 p.m. on Sept. 28 to examine an unidentified request for help.

According to authorities, the emergency dispatcher informed the cops that they were on an open line with a male caller and that a female could be heard in the background. The dispatcher also said they could hear the guy, subsequently named as the 21-year-old victim, claim he was bleeding all over the bed. The male individual was then heard telling somebody “because you cut me” and “you’re going to murder me,” according to the paper.

In the affidavit, the identity of the 21-year-old guy is suppressed.

Upon their arrival, tenants in the unit informed them that there was a n*de guy in the parking lot who required assistance, the document adds. Officers found the victim, who was shirtless and bleeding from a wound on his left arm. He was also deliberately backing away from the suspect… Dooley… who had blood splashed over her arms and hands. Lauren had tied him up and cut him, according to the victim.

According to the affidavit, Dooley cited her Miranda Rights and declined to speak.

According to cops, the victim informed them he just met Lauren [Dooley] on Tinder and was willing to meet her at her residence. He stated he and Dooley sat on the couch and spoke for a while before Dooley stripped naked and performed oral sex on him.

She then used duct tape to bind the victim’s wrists and ankles together, according to the complaint. The victim thought it strange, but agreed to it. The victim no longer agreed to stay at the apartment when Lauren brandished a kitchen knife and insisted he enter her bedroom.

That’s when the altercation apparently became violent. Again, according to the affidavit: Afraid Lauren would use the knife on him, he obliged and climbed into her bed. Lauren stepped on top of him and started to slash his left shoulder with the knife. Lauren then applied direct pressure on [the victim’s] throat for roughly 20 seconds, causing him to struggle to breathe. Lauren came to a halt only to obtain a belt, which she immediately wrapped around the victim’s neck. She tightened the belt for another 20 seconds, making it impossible to breathe once again. She removed it and examined the victim’s neck for a pulse.

According to the claimed victim, Dooley grew agitated as he was bleeding all over her bed, so she compelled him into the bath tub. Dooley then placed an order with DoorDash. When the delivery person arrived at her house, Dooley allegedly threatened the victim, If he scream or say anything, she’ll murder him, according to the affidavit.

Dooley reportedly climbed into bed with the victim after eating, pulled a blanket over both of them, and fell asleep. The victim stated in the affidavit that he felt Dooley’s knife under the blanket near his feet and used it to cut his ties. When he knocked against a table, he accidentally awakened Dooley, but he was able to walk outside and seek for aid, according to the cops.

When police made a brief scan of the unit to determine if there was anyone else who required medical help, the affidavit adds, they spotted a kitchen knife near the bed, multiple blood drenched clothes, and blood all over the bathtub.

Dooley is set to appear in El Paso County court on Oct. 6 for a hearing.

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