Woman Found Out Her Gynecologist Was Her Secret Dad And He Knew It.

Morgan Hellquist from New York yelled and almost collided her car after learning that her gynecologist, who once fitted her for an IUD and had given her breast and pelvic check-ups for years, was in reality her biological father and he knew it. 

While sharing her story, Hellquist, 36, said crying that Dr. Morris Wortman knew that he is her father but she was just not aware of the fact. And she’s suing Wortman, who an upstate gynecologist is based in Rochester for regularly acting as her physician while allegedly knowing he was her father. 

Her lawsuit strives for unnamed damages and also charges Wortman with medical misconduct, negligence and infliction of emotional pain.

Hellquist’s legal papers claim that Wortman committed an uncivilized and wilful scam against her and it is as disgraceful in character as to intrude upon all bounds of decency and which involves high moral accountability rises to a level of malicious deceit and shocks the ethics.

Hellquist claims the doctor, whom her family once admired as a miracle worker, deceitfully impregnated her unsuspecting mother, Jo Ann Levey, with his sperm in January 1985 and as a result of the alleged semen scam, she was born. Hellquist said that her mom feels so violated and feel like physically molested by the doctor.

Levey and her husband, Gary, wanted Wortman’s fertility help in the mid-1980s, soon after a drunk driver broke into Gary’s motorcycle and rendering him a paraplegic at age 20. The couple, who were high school beloveds, settled to pay Wortman $50, three times per month in exchange for an unidentified student’s sperm. 

As per the claim, the sperm donor was not to have any identified physical or mental disorders that he could pass on to a child and was not to be of mainly Italian or Jewish lineage so that the child would amalgam in with Jo Ann and Gary. 

When Hellquist was just 8, she learned that she was conceived through the help of a sperm donor due to Gary’s condition and grew up praising Wortman for helping her parents start their family. She appreciated him so much that after welcoming her own two children, she left her own gynecologist and became Wortman’s patient for the next decade. 

While under his medical attention, Hellquist claims that Wortman would burden her with stories of his personal views and experiences, strangely admiring her with comments like, “You’re a good kid. Such a good kid,” and that he once called her a “Jewish American princess,” per her suit. 

Official papers even claim that once during a doctor’s visit, Wortman asked his current wife to join them in the check-up room so that she could get a close look at Hellquist to see her physical similarity to Wortman because his wife and he knew that Wortman was Hellquist’s biological father.

But in 2016, subsequent to Gary’s death, Hellquist supposedly took an Ancestry DNA test and learned that she was Ashkenazi Jewish like Wortman, who is 100% Ashkenazi Jewish.  According to the legal paperwork, Ashkenazi progenies carry a higher risk of certain medical conditions such as cancer. 

During her DNA investigation, Hellquist also found a half-sibling, David Berry, 37, on the site. And after meeting in person, the pair was surprised to learn that they shared a group of half-siblings. There were five of them and they were all the same age.

One of Wortman’s three children from his several marriages, a daughter whom he raised, agreed to take a DNA test. And the results confirmed that she, Hellquist, Berry and the others all shared the same father.  

HU Staff: Deja Monet @dejvmonet A New York woman says she discovered her primary gynecologist is actually her biological father and claimed he knew the entire time. ________________________________________________ During an interview with Good Morning America, Morgan Hellquist,36, explained the turmoil she experienced once she learned her gynecologist was secretly her father. She said Dr. Morris Wortman performed pelvic and breast exams and once fitted her for an IUD while knowing she was his biological daughter for years. Her mother sought the help of Wortman back in 1985 after her husband became paralyzed from the waist down due to a car accident. ___________________________________________________ The couple paid him $50 three times per month for fertility treatments at his Rochester clinic and expressed that they wanted the sperm from an anonymous University of Rochester Medical Center student. However, the couple was unaware that Wortman impregnated Hellquist’s mother with his own sperm in January of that year. ___________________________________________________ Read more at 📸: GMA __________________________________________________ If you have a tip or suggestion or want to talk to us about this story, Text the word “TIP” to 1-310-388-6463

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Berry, whose mother Karen claims she never gave Wortman consent to use his own sperm to impregnate her, says that Berry struggles with the tawdry truth of his existence. Berry, who grew up believing he was Italian-Irish, said that he is the product of something that should have never occurred with an unacceptable violation of ethics.

The emotional disturbance anyhow, but neither Berry, Hellquist nor their mothers and half-siblings are able to take lawful action against Wortman for impregnation misuse because the act does not rise to the standard of a sexual assault in the state of New York. 

Hellquist is the only one of her siblings who is able to prosecute Wortman for acting as her doctor. She said that she do not have a fertility fraud case but instead have a case because he touched her without her permission.

However, regardless of the shooting pain about their fatherhood, she regards her new family members as the silver lining in this existentially tense storm that has factually upset her identity on a biological level.

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