Woman Gave Birth On Christmas Day. She Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant.

Imagine being pregnant and not knowing until you are in labor!!!! That’s what happened to Leanne Carter.

Little did Leanne Carter, 21, know what was stored for her on Christmas Day. Leanne was still having her periods and did not have any pregnancy symptoms. Before Christmas she felt swollen but it was around 2:30am on Christmas day she woke up due to terrible period cramps.

Her mom Melanie rushed her to the Queen’s Medical Center in Nottingham where the staff understood the situation and took her to the delivery room.

That’s when Leanne and her family realized she was pregnant and was about to give birth to a baby. At 8am her son was born whose weight was only 4lb 12oz. They named him Joseph.

Leanne expressed she never wanted children so soon however she is extremely happy and excited as Joseph is the most surprising and best Christmas present ever.

She lives with her mom and grandparents but will be searching for a home with her boyfriend Scott Curwood.

The head of maternity at the Nottingham University Hospital Trust, Alison Atkinson stated that on christmas morning it was a wonderful surprise for our team in the Emergency Department. She also said it’s unlikely for a woman not knowing she was pregnant nevertheless she was content it was a joyful surprise.

Best wishes to Leanne’s and her family. May this Christmas season bring joy, love and laughter to your family and loved ones.

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