Woman Gets Mad At Her For Sitting On An Empty Seat She Was Saving For Friends.

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It’s 32C (90F) and I was with my mom. I’m going through chemo right now because I (26F) have breast cancer. I lost some weight but still look pretty healthy, I am bald and wear a head scarf (which screams cancer imo), my eyelashes are pretty much gone but I still got some brows left. Since I was a child I’ve had really thick and bushy brows, anyone who knows me sees that my brows are not what they used to be and it’s getting worse, but to someone who doesn’t I still got some decent brows (This will be important in a bit).

I got breakfast with my mom and we were on our way to the pharmacy to get some shots I need. We were waiting for the train and believe me it was FULL. I was standing next to the door and this girl in her late teens (Teen1) pushes everyone to the side to get in first. There were 4 seats empty and she sits between 2 and puts her legs on the ones in front on her. And screams in English these are reserved!!!!! And started calling her friends which went an other way. The train was packed and this is not how stuff works, you can’t just push people aside and reserve seats for people on the other side if it’s full of others wanting to sit. Her friends weren’t even there. I also want to say that she started speaking in English because a lot of tourists are in the area, this happened in Germany and me and my mom speak Spanish to each other (but speak German as well)

Cast, me, mom, Teen1 and Teen2 friend 

Teen1: NOOO! My friends are going to sit here, they will come when the train stops

Me: nope sorry, seat is empty I need the seat I have cancer (I sit down)

Mom (in Spanish to me): this is not how this works, the train is full.

Me (in Spanish): I know, it doesn’t matter now.

Teen1: what ever.. Hey Teen2! Come sit with me.

Teen2 sits next to her and says in German: the other ones are going to sit over there it’s too full to come here

From now on the conversation is only in German

Teen1: it was perfect I had 4 seats and this one comes and says I have cancer blablabla what kind of bullsh*t is that she has brows does she think I’m stupid? I wasn’t born yesterday.

Teen2: omg!!!! That’s so funny, she thinks she’s so smart.

Both start laughing

Me: excuse me? I understood everything. I’m sorry it’s such an inconvenience for YOU that I have cancer! What kind of person do you think I am? Who lies about this?

Teen1: oh no no, I didn’t mean it like that

Teen2: we weren’t talking about you

Me: oh so “she says she has cancer and wants the seat but has eyebrows, so she clearly hasn’t cancer” is not about me?

Teen1: I’m sorry it’s a misunderstanding

Me: I can have cancer and eyebrows, I’m sorry that’s so hard to understand.

Teen1: yes I know

Me: I’m not the stupid one, it’s both of you. Don’t assume people don’t understand you when you’re talking about them.

My mom just started laughing and the two girls got really uncomfortable and awkward for the rest of the time I was sitting there. They didn’t say a word and looked the other way.

I can’t imagine why someone would but a damn headscarf on (it’s also obvious that there’s no hair under that thing) just to pretend to have cancer and get a seat on the train. Seems like something logical in their eyes. I hope they feel ashamed of themselves and never ever have to go through the sh*t I am.

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