Woman Gives Cops An Envelope Presumably Filled With Cash — Now They’re Looking For Her.

Authorities in Massachusetts are looking for an unidentified lady who returned a large Citizens Bank envelope with a stamp of $5,500.00 on the front without ever opening it.

Once the mysterious lady returned the package, investigators split it open to determine who held the massive quantity of money. When the package was opened, though, all that was discovered was a pile of old newspaper clippings and a letter that said, “Sorry, just a prank.”

Yet, the police have stressed their admiration for the woman’s sincerity and character, complimenting her for exercising the self-control to leave the Citizens Bank envelope unopened, despite the fact that it purported to contain thousands of dollars. Seeing honest individuals is always wonderful. They realize there are much more honest individuals than dishonest ones, but in their line of work, they seldom see them, Hingham Police remarked on Facebook.

A lady discovered this envelope (from Citizens Bank with $5,500.00 inscribed on it) on Saturday in a Hingham parking lot and came to their police station to give it in without even opening it, the agency noted. They opened it, yet it was a newspaper trimmed up to seem like cash, with a letter inside indicating it was a joke. Their argument is that she didn’t realize it was a joke and did the correct thing.

It's always refreshing to see honest people. We know there are so many more honest people than dishonest ones, but in…

Posted by Hingham Police on Monday, 6 November 2017

As the tale of the honest lady who handed in the prankster’s envelope became public, authorities received a second envelope, this one containing even more money. They also posted the story on Facebook.

On two different occasions, individuals discovered envelopes packed with cut-up newspaper resembling currency. These were discovered in the parking lots of the Derby Street Shoppes on Friday. They both handed them in without ever opening them, Hingham Police stated. That was someone’s joke, but it highlights all the honest individuals among them who are doing ‘the right thing.’ It’s always comforting to see that, but especially at this time of year. It was a joke that brought out the best in people.

We had two separate incidents where people found envelopes filled with cut up newspaper resembling cash. They were found…

Posted by Hingham Police on Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The post quickly gained attention on Facebook, with many thanking the nameless individuals who handed in the envelopes without ever opening them, despite the fact that the incident turned out to be a joke in the end.

Experiences like this one, without a doubt, help restore our confidence in mankind. Please spread the word so that others might be motivated to do the right thing as well!

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