Woman Hits Herself To Frame Husband For Domestic Violence.

At times it’s men too who are facing domestic abuse not always women. It’s always better to hear both sides of the story with proof to know who is the real victim. In this story a disappointed husband has demanded that his estranged wife be deported after she allegedly devised a scheme to blame him for domestic abuse. 

Faisal Khan of Sydney, Australia, met his spouse Asmae through a Muslim dating agency and had been married for eight months until problems arose in April.

Dubious that his Moroccan wife was exploiting him to get an Australian visa, Faisal sought the advice of an attorney.

When Asmae learned of his intentions, Faisal said she dreaded she might be deported and threatened him. She allegedly stated that to see what she would do to him.

Faisal returned home to the couple’s flat one night to find everything in shambles, with Asmae waiting for him in the midst of the destruction.

“You think you’re clever about me, and you’re talking to attorneys,” he claims she remarked.

Asmae, he claims, then rushed out of the flat and into a lift.He affirms Asmae then, at that point, stomped out of the level and into a lift. Police arrived at Faisal’s home hours later, detained him, and charged him with attack. Faisal, perplexed, firmly denied any bad behaviour.

Faisal uncovered the lift footage that would clear his reputation after spending $20,000 (£11,500) on legal expenses and sifting through hundreds of hours of CCTV footage.

According to video from inside the lift, Asmae runs inside and waits until the doors close before hitting herself in the face. She allegedly punched herself twice in the face with her left hand, creating bruises around her eye and cheek. More video shows her fleeing the apartment building, supposedly to seek assistance from the police.

According to Faisal, she has subsequently gone into hiding and is requesting that she be returned to Morocco.

He stated that he was the victim and has been was exploited and abused repeatedly-emotionally, psychologically, financially and so on. He is the unfortunate sufferer. She did it, and now it’s her turn to bear the penalties. Faisal is now attempting to pay off his legal bills and has requested that his ex-wife be deported.

Watch the shocking video and share this to bring awareness that not all women are always the victim at times men too are victims. 

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