Woman In Good Faith Hand’s Over Her Purse To The Homeless Man.

So tonight I went to the Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Miami Dolphins game. As my friend and I were going into the stadium, I got stopped. Apparently you’re not aloud to bring purses in that are bigger than a hand bag or so. Of course mine was bigger than a hand bag.. We had just walked a good amount of blocks and kick off was in less then 30 minutes. I wasn’t about to run all the way back. (We had already went back once cuz we forgot the tickets.. Go figure) so here we are stumped and puzzled.

I was about to say screw it and throw my purse away. A couple saw me struggling and gave me the suggestion of asking a homeless person to watch it for me. I was reluctant at first but then I figured, I was going to throw it away anyway just to get in so, why not? I walked over, my friend handed him a $5 bill and asked him if he’d kindly watch it until the game let out. He agreed. Not knowing whether or not he or it would be there when we got out, I put my faith in him. Sure enough, got out of the game, found him, and there he was, with my purse.

I guess what I am trying to say is, not all people can be judged just from seeing a certain situation they may be in or what they may look like. I took a stab in the dark. I didn’t know this man. He had no home. No belongings. He sat there for three hours in the same spot. He told me he’d be there and that he’d have my purse. I thank him. It’s not the purse I care about. It’s the principal of someone still knowing and understanding the worth of keeping your word. God Bless you sir. I hope you can prosper into whatever you’re looking for.

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