Woman invites her four “sassy” grandmothers to be her flower girls when she gets married.

A major and memorable day in your life is your marriage. With your future husband, it’s the beginning of a new phase in your life, but it’s also a chance to rejoice with your friends and family, the person who supported you to grow up and get to where you are now.

To express how significant these individuals are to you, it is a special tradition to offer some of your loved ones places of honor throughout the ceremony, such as maid of honor or best man.

Typically, young girls—nieces or other young family members of the couple—are chosen to serve as the “flower girl,” but one newlywed chose to handle things a little differently and chose her four grandparents instead!

The wedding date for Lyndsey Raby, who is engaged, is September 22, 2019. She realized she needed to provide a particular space for four important women in her life when planning her wedding party.

Lyndsey expressed that she knew as soon as she was engaged she wanted to include her grandmothers. She wished them to be part too because she felt so privileged to have them all here.

The great-grandmother of the bride, who is 90 years old, two grandmothers, and the grandmother of the groom made up the group of four grandparents.

The four women marched down the aisle holding flowers in bags that said, “Here Comes the Bride,” while wearing matching blue lace gowns.

At the ceremony in Benton, Tennessee, photographer Natalie Caho was present and recorded the priceless moment. She had never seen flower girls like them before.

Caho said on Instagram that she has seen a lot of gorgeous flower girls in her day, but these four beauties top the cake.

They were not only a spectacular, one-of-a-kind element to the wedding, but they also seemed to be the life of the party!

Caho explained that she was not anticipating the degree of attitude that these girls provided when Lyndsey informed her she was having her grandmothers as her flower girls.

They had so much joy being such an important part of Lyndsey’s day and sharing the attention with her all day, Caho continued. Their energy all day was that of a little girl who is in the same position. It genuinely just proves that a person’s age is just a number.

Some of us are fortunate to be surrounded by senior citizens who can share their knowledge and experience with us. Sometimes having a gaggle of supportive ladies by your side on your wedding day is the finest companion a bride could ask for on her special day.

According to Caho, most girls are blessed to even have one grandma there. And Lyndsey wanted to enjoy having four because it was a huge event.

The bride advised senior citizens in your celebration: ”It will mean so much more to you,” Lyndsey said. “It means so much to them and it will mean so much more to them.”

It’s a fantastic concept! A seat of respect on the wedding day is something that perhaps more brides who have older ladies in their life do!

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