Woman Leaves Her Entitled Boyfriend And His Teen Daughter 800 Miles Away From Home After They Ruined Her Family Vacation.

A vacation with your spouse is a terrific opportunity to determine if your personalities genuinely match… or if you simply believe they do. Nothing beats spending lengthy amounts of time together, with a little stress and different situations added in, to uncover who someone truly is underneath the grins and laughs. Tragically, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine.

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I (27f) started seeing 44yo “Dave” 3 years ago. I have 2 sons, 9 and 6. He has 1 daughter “Ann”, 17. I booked a road trip for me and my sons roughly 3 months ago. A road trip consisting of roughly 26 hours worth of driving with stops in between. This is the first time I’ve ever been financially able to do much of anything with my children so I went all out. Planned to stop at every place they had ever asked me to go, basically. I was beyond excited to surprise them with this trip. We got home 4 nights ago.

A week before leaving my Dave decides he wants to go with me and bring Ann as a “bonding” experience. We do not live together and Ann has never liked me because I’m “boring”. She has said this to my face. So Dave thinks it will be good. I didn’t really want either of them to go but thought what the hell, why not. This could be good for us. Boy was I so wrong. From the moment Ann got into my vehicle she started complaining about absolutely everything. It was too crowded, too loud, we were taking too many stops, the boys were “too annoying” and “need to quiet the f*** down and chill out”.

We get a hotel 9 hours in (PA). It’s around 3pm at this point. Dave asks if he can take a drive with Ann because she was getting irritated with the kids. I told him he could if he makes it quick because I needed to go get dinner supplies. 3 hours later he shows back up. Him and Ann went out to eat. So I make a comment saying “you didn’t think we wanted to eat too?” And Ann snaps back with “I dont think we asked.”

After comments like this for days I finally snapped. My body is now saying they just want to go home because several times Dave told my kids to be quiet because of his kids comfortability. At this point I haven’t done anything with my kids because the queen would have a fit if we pulled off anywhere AND Dave at this point basically refused to let me drive despite me arguing. IN MY CAR. So I snapped, told him to pull the f*** over. When he finally does, I drive to the nearest car rental and tell them to get out of my car.

Dave and Ann both start flipping out. Ann says she isn’t going to get in a car that has “bed bugs”. Dave said he didn’t want to take separate vehicles and didn’t have enough money for a rental because the queen spent over $1500 in 4 days. So I say “I dont believe I f***ing asked.” And take off. They were close to 800 miles from home. It took them 4 days to get home due to lack of money and needing to borrow. I’m being told I’m a selfish c***. Did I go too far here? Does he have a valid point or not? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted:

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