Woman Living On Welfare With 10 Kids From Five Different Men Has One Goal At This Point.

Mandy Cowie, a British welfare queen, claims she wants 50 grandkids so she may keep receiving government benefits and become the largest benefits family in the country. The 49-year-old single mum has ten kids from five separate relationships.

Cowie has been on assistance for almost three decades and is attempting to get her own kids to follow in her footsteps. She presently receives more than $34,000 in benefits each year. At least $3,000 of money has gone toward tattooing a large portion of her body.

Cowie described herself as ten kids and lots of tattoos.

She had her first at the age of 18 and her last at the age of 36, and she’ve told them she desires 50 grandchildren before she die.

Cowie will be featured on Britain’s Biggest Benefits Family, despite already having 16 grandkids. The television show features families that take pride in living on government assistance.

She also acknowledged purchasing smokes for her 13-year-old daughter and allowing her to drink alcohol at home.

People may be surprised that she’s been on benefits for so long, Cowie remarked. She is unable to work because of the children, and while the pregnancies were unplanned, she enjoys having a large family.

Three of Cowie’s kids reside with her, while the remaining seven have left. She receives disability payments for her kid, as well as child tax credits, child benefit, and a jobseeker’s allowance.

Cristal Cowie, Cowie’s 24-year-old daughter, has learned how to maximize welfare money from her mother, claiming she is still with the baby’s father, but he doesn’t reside at her place. People believe he lives there, although he does not… If they lived together, their benefits would be terminated, so they may as well live together but in different homes.

The British government pays more than $201 million in welfare assistance to 27,000 big families.

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