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Woman Moved 4,000 Miles And Had Baby With Man On Death Row After Falling In Love Through Letters

Love has no bounds, but some ask how a lady who travelled 4,000 miles to conceive a baby with a man on death row for a double murder can call it love. But, just as individuals are beginning to develop conclusions, she justifies her choice.

Sigrid, 39, of France, moved from her own country to Florida to marry Alan Wade. The latter was convicted in 2005 of robbery, abduction, and first-degree murder of Reggie and Carol Sumner, a retired couple residing in Jacksonville, whom he buried alive.

On July 8, 2005, he was convicted along with Tiffany Ann Cole, Michael James Jackson, and Bruce Kent Nixon of the crime. It didn’t appear likely that he’d discover love on death row, particularly from somebody on the opposite side of the bars.

Alan and Sigrid met after she started to write to convicts in protest of the death penalty. Their love bloomed quickly. But it wasn’t easy at first. Sigrid, who did not disclose how she became pregnant with him behind prison, stated, she started writing to death row convicts as she was against the death sentence. She believe in redemption and second chances. They were both terrified when she realized she had feelings for him and he had feelings for her. They took a step back and attempted to cease writing to each other since they were both unhappy. And six weeks later, he wrote back, his first words being “I love you.”

When others discover about her connection, the majority of the remarks she got is that she don’t care about the victims, she said of how others responded to her unique love story. It’s difficult to be in a relationship based on something so terrible. Her family was upset, and they were worried about her. 

He was regarded to be the worst human ever. She believe it is critical that her husband and she sit down and explain to her kid how he was created before someone else does it for them. He is in prison, but she is not. She just want a few people to truly understand her, she concluded. She don’t see why individuals are so bothered by him.

She is now nurturing their son while living one hour away from the 33-year-old offender at Florida’s Union Correctional Institution. Everyone who has a kid understands how quickly they develop in such a short amount of time, she added of him being raised without his dad. She has tried sending small videos, but they’re not the same. She’ll inform him that his father is not who individuals will tell him he is. He is an incredible individual who is really compassionate and lovely, and he adores him.

In addition, Sigrid developed a penpal webpage with the aid of a buddy so that others may write to prisoners on execution row. They honestly think that individuals are more than their worst actions, she remarked. Being with Alan has altered everything in her life since she has fully accepted who she is. She is loved unconditionally by someone she adore in return. This is something she would never wish for anyone else. It appears that love may truly overcome all boundaries.

I Married a Man on Death Row

My 'death row inmate' penpal is now my husband & father of my child

Posted by Love Don't Judge on Friday, 22 April 2022

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