This Woman Ordered A Cheap Dress For Herself Online. But What She Actually Received Is Hilarious.

Shopping for clothes online can be very hit or miss, especially when you’re getting something other than a standard t-shirt. Whether you buy them from a major retailer or a custom clothier, paying bargain prices for that perfect dress can come with many a caveat, especially when your body’s shaped nothing at all like the model in the photos.

Beyond that, often times, some less scrupulous clothiers cut corners (literally!) with their production quality, making the whole endeavor a very risky one. The Internet’s full of stories from young women who’ve had less-than-great experiences buying dresses and other articles of clothing. Their misery can, perhaps, serve as a lesson to the rest of us and provide us with something to laugh at.

25. Got a curvy body? Well, the clothier doesn’t seem to think anyone’s capable of the figure, given that the whole thing looks like a teal-colored bag.

24. That lacy knit bra’s so tiny that the lady who bought it for her daughter says she couldn’t possibly take a photo of it without getting into legal trouble over it.

23. Buying clothes from Alibaba (a Chinese retailer) will result in tremendous disappointment. Sounds like an old Chinese saying updated for 2018.

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