Woman Overhears Little Girl At Garage Sale, Acts Fast When She Sees Her Mom’s Face.

Being nice to others, lending a helping hand, and sharing your possessions with those who are in need are all wonderful virtues. Genuinely nice individuals perform random acts of kindness quietly, with no expectation of return. Everyone might benefit from a little more compassion in their lives. Being nice can go a long way. Have you been kind today? Read this beautiful story and let’s remember to sprinkle kindness wherever we go.

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“The cutest little girl and her mom were at my yard sale today. I happened to be selling a Pink Disney Princess TV, (because who doesn’t need a Pink Disney Princess TV, right?), and I overheard the little girl very politely ask her mom if there was anything she could do to earn the money to buy the TV. She did not just ask if she could have it. She asked if she could earn the money herself. She was 6 years old. Her mom told her she could not afford it right now, then kissed her forehead. The little girl replied, ‘It’s okay mommy’ and grabbed her mom’s hand.

I watched them carefully pick out items they needed and count their money to the penny as they did. At one point they were picking out some dishes and the little girl said how pretty she thought the dishes were, how nice it will be not only having one cup and one bowl at their new place anymore, and…how lucky they were.

I could tell this mom and daughter had gone through something and the interactions between them were so genuine, so precious. I saw the little girl look over at the TV every so often…My heart was mush. As the mom brought her items up to pay, I said, ‘I would like you to have these things, no charge.’ Tears filled her eyes as she thanked me, told me how much it meant to her, and that I had no idea how much I was helping her right now. Then she asked, ‘but why?’ I said, ‘I sense that you are going through something right now, and I don’t need to know what that ‘something’ is. But you obviously have not let it deter you from being an amazing mom, and you are raising a wonderful, beautiful, joyful, polite, little girl.’ She confided that they had fled an abusive situation with only what she could fit into a duffle bag for them both. She had saved just enough money to get them into a small one room apartment. She felt blessed, lucky. They were safe.

I handed her a couple of large kitchen garbage bags and told her to fill them with anything her and her daughter could use, gave her some pillows, blankets, a blow up camping bed, and a box of food. She hesitated at first and seemed almost ashamed. I told her, ‘We all go through hard times. This is a season, and seasons pass. When this season passes for you, you can ‘pay it forward’ to someone else.’ And then, yes… I quietly asked her if I could give her little girl the Disney Princess TV. I know, I know….y’all saw that one coming, ya? Lol.

I wish everyone could have seen the look on that beautiful little girls face when my husband carried that TV to her car. I will never forget it. 😊

My heart is full knowing that precious little girl and her mom have full tummys, clean pajamas to put on, a “bed” to sleep in, pillows under their heads, blankets to snuggle into, and maybe even watched some TV.

What they probably don’t realize, is that they blessed me far more than I blessed them.” ❤

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