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Woman Panics During Livestream When She Starts Kitchen Fire

Unpredictability hangs heavily over live streaming, just as it does over live television. When flames began to burn in a young woman’s kitchen during her live streaming party, things swiftly went wrong. The video is now going viral on social media, with netizens mocking her for her “clout.”

Kelly Caron, a streamer known as Kjanecaron, was trying to cook a steak live on the American site Twitch. Viewers could see smoke pouring out of the pan as she started scorching the meat. In an effort to save the dish, Caron used a tong clamp to remove the meat from the oil-soaked skillet, attempting to brush away the thick smoke with her hands.

However, things swiftly intensified. A tremendous fire explosion was observed before she realized it, setting off smoke alarms in the background. Panicked by the incident, the Miami-based celebrity was afterwards spotted attempting to extinguish a grease fire by placing the pan under the sink’s faucet! Consequently, the flames raged much more, nearly causing the wildfire to spread even more.

“Oh, sh*t. On camera, she can be heard cursing, “F**k, f**k, f**k, f**k.” Panicking and dashing from one side to the other, she spilled more water, only to make matters worse. She didn’t understand what to do, she was overheard telling her audience.

She was shortly spotted exiting the picture and pleading for help from outside. The live ended soon, but the woman afterwards went on Instagram to reassure her admirers that she was well. “Alive and well and still streaming,” she added in another post.

She attempted to clarify the problem by commenting to the viral video while being mocked on multiple forums. She  certainly wasn’t asking her fans for aid hahaha what the f**k were they going to do? she tweeted.

Because she had little expertise with flames, she panicked and hurried to her neighbors for assistance. She is  not sure why one video has sparked so much hatred and threatening messages from strangers, so kindly be gentle, she said.

While some proceeded to criticize her, others were relieved she was safe, describing a variety of things that may have gone wrong when she attempted to put out a grease fire with water.

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