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Woman Posts Picture Of Man Spreading His Legs On 4-Hour Flight And Inquires How Others Would Respond.

Flights are already difficult, with cramped seats and little legroom.

But, one woman’s journey was more than just somewhat uncomfortable, as seen by the snapshot she published online.

The lady posted the photograph where internet users express their problems and solicit feedback from others.

The woman’s legs are painfully trapped between the seat in front of her and the leg of the male passenger seated next to her in the photograph.

The male passenger, on the other hand, looks to have plenty of space in front of him since his legs are spread on each side of him, invading the area of the passengers beside him.

This was how a four-hour flight went, commented the woman over the photo. She also added that she is 5’8″ tall.

Other Redditors posted their own horror travel experiences with limited space.

Other people added their suggestions for making long trips with little space more pleasant.

While some thought the guy passenger in the photograph was “manspreading.”

Many users agreed that flying is unpleasant since passengers must endure cramped circumstances during long journeys.

Others, though, pointed out that the man in the photo seemed utterly unconcerned about his other passengers’ space.

The phrase “manspreading” refers to male passengers who sit with their legs wide apart on public transit, invading other people’s personal space and making travel uncomfortable.

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