Woman Pours Her Heart Telling How Future Mother-In-Law Saved Her Life.

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I’m sobbing as I’m typing this. I’m 19F and my fiancé is 18NB. For context, we’re long distance and planning to get married so that we can finally live together. This summer I met my fiancé’s family, and I had the best time in the world. They’re all amazing, but I had a special bond with my soon to be MIL. She’s incredibly kind and sweet, and grew to care about me too. I suffer from some mental health issues, and today was one of the worst days for me; I was out for a walk and I had a very big panic attack and thought about ending myself.

When I came back home my mum announced that there was a letter coming from my MIL (she likes to send letters more than texts). I opened it and there was a little story, with a final message that said “you exist and we love you, you can do it”, and she sent this along with a few stickers with “you are beautiful” written on it. She really has no idea how helpful that was, she will probably never know (she doesn’t know about my mental health issues), but I interpret this as a message that maybe i need to stick around… thanks for reading this, you all are beautiful and you’re doing great🤍

EDIT: I’m engaged at 19 because my fiancé and I are in a very long distance relationship, and in order to live together we have to get married. We spend thousands of dollars every year to see each other for a few weeks, and this is painful for both of us (along with the fact that it’s not really great for our wallets). We talked about this a lot, it’s not really “news”, and we’re supported by our families that really believe in us and told us what to do in order to stay together. I have a lot of faith in this marriage, I believe I found my soulmate.

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