Woman Praised Leaving Fiance In Pain At The Hospital When He Asked Her To Pay.

Every relationship experiences ups and downs. Money is a major source of disagreement in every relationship. Money is an issue on which love couples continually dispute, despite how happy they are in their relationship. Read the story to know what conflict took place between this couple and what do you think the girlfriend should do?

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For context:. Me f26 and my fiance m28 have been together for 3 years. Finances are split til after marriage. We have equally paying jobs.

He doesn’t pay when we eat out, he doesn’t pay for any fixes in our rental apartment, and also doesn’t help with furniture and stuff. I tried to have conversations about how I’m always supposed to foot the bill for almost everything. His excuse is that he’s been saving for a new apartment (been saving up for 2 years now). But he still has half of his salary which he uses on himself and buys gadgets and gaming stuff. When I try to argue about it he’d say it’s his money after all, and remind me of how he’s saving up to buy an apartment for us.

Days ago, he called me and asked that I take him to the hospital to treat his anckle. It’s been hurting him for weeks but only now he decided to get it checked. I drove him there since he was in pain, but was surprised when he told me to pay the bill. I asked why not him and he brought up the new apartment he’s been saving for again. I had it, especially after he threatened to not add my name to the new apartment’s title if I refuse to help him out. I snapped and told him to pay for himself and stop using my money with the apartment excuse then I left.

He had to pay but was furious saying I’d let him down in his time of struggle. Also said that my attitude isn’t partner material. I told him I felt like he was using the new apartment to spend my money but he said I had no empathy or sense of responsibility to support and help him out when he…is doing me a huge favor and buying me an entire freaking apartment!.

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He’s calling me selfish and negative. Idk. I feel guilty for doing this and now he’s avoiding me entirely.

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