Woman Pretends Not To Get Father-In-Law’s Joke About Her Escort Past, Embarrasses Him By Repeatedly Asking Him To Explain It.

A devoted relationship is more than just an ethereal tie. It’s not as easy as most people would like it to be to settle down with someone — it’s difficult and needs a lot of patience. People are getting more open and accepting of one another these days. People are at ease with their sexualities, histories, and professional choices; but, older generations are still struggling to understand our society’s changing thinking. Read this story and let us know what you would have done in this situation.

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I (27F) used to be an ”escort” (h*oker) from 18 until I was 23, I’m not proud of it but I also don’t give a f&*^ because I did what I had to do to keep studying and a roof over my head. That’s how I met my now fiancé (37M) though he was never my client.

We began to date when I was 25 and three or four months after that his BIL ”exposed me” (no idea how he found out) because there’s no way my fiancé knew and thus we had to come clean in front of his whole family. Yes I did that. Yes he knows. Yes he doesn’t care. It was 2 years ago (at that time), we got over it. After that there was a span of 3-4 months in were my MIL and some of my fiancés aunts and cousin ”police” their husband when I was around, it was really weird tbh because this dudes were like 40-60yo and I wasn’t that desperate, so my fiancé shut their bulls^*t hard and even when his family still gives me the side eye from time to time, we thought it was behind us.

He proposed last year and five months ago we found out that I was pregnant, we were really happy about it and we told his family as soon as we knew. His sisters and young brother were happy for us, but his mom took me aside and begged me to be honest with her and asked if this was really my fiancés child, I was taken aback but I just rolled my eyes and said yes, she gave me some sh^*ty speech about how ”she only wanted to make sure” and that ”she was happy to be a grandmother”.

Well, last weekend we were at his parents with his family and some of his friends and we were talking about the name, how he might look (small talk, we will love him regardless but there’s always some ”Oh I hope he gets your nose!” ”mmh I like your eyes, I hope he gets them” comments) and my FIL said that he and his children have a birthmark in the inner tight and that even his grandchildren (one of my SIL’s kids) got them, so our baby might too, and then he said ”But how can we know from who he got it? it may as well be from me, my boy or my brothers” and he and his brothers began to laugh. My fiancé got mad and before he could say anything I said ”I don’t get it” and my FIL was ”yeah because it runs in the family” and I said again ”I don’t get it, why would he get it from you?” and he began to get nervous and said ”because you know… it’s just a joke girl” and I said ”but I don’t get it and you all laughed, explain” it got to the point that some of his friends said ”hey, it’s not funny” so he he excused himself and left.

Later my fiancé’s BIL came to me and said that I was wrong for embarrassing him like that in his own house and that I knew what the joke was about and because of my past, I shouldn’t be surprised. Now they’re all demanding that I apologize to my FIL.

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