Woman reveals hilarious explanation for why she won’t shave her armpits

A woman’s justification on why she never shaves her armpit hair has gone viral, with others hailing her as a “star” for not shaving.

Jada Travis, 24, from North Carolina, posted a TikTok video in which she said that she is frequently criticised by individuals in the South of the United States, regardless of the fact that the heat causes her underarms to scrape if she shaves.

Jada said in the video, which has 4.7 million views, that she hasn’t shaved her armpits in three years, while boldly lifting up her arms to display her hair, saying that she intended to send a message to everyone who makes unfavourable remarks about her hygiene practices.

She wanted to talk about her armpit hair today, so she opened her post, extending her arms in the air to display her hair.

And she is going to transmit this footage to everyone who keeps bringing it up. In three years, she hasn’t shaved her armpits. That’s a long time, and she is prepared to discuss why.

She went on to say that because we are “actually on a floating rock,” “nothing counts,” and that individuals should be entitled to “do whatever the heck they want that makes them happy.

Holding out a sketchy drawing of Earth and many other planets, she said, to allow her to show everyone an example of what she drew this morning.

This is who we are. OK, we’re on a floating rock. This is us on a floating’ rock, and we go like this with all the other floating’ rocks all year.’

Following that, the TikTok user highlighted the nasty reception she experiences from strangers as a result of her hygiene practices.

She explained that she lives in the South, which is a fascinating location.’ It’s a place where individuals don’t always have their teeth, but they seem to appreciate razors.

When Jada travels into the city, no one looks at her, but when she travels to ‘cowboy county’ or the ‘Dollar General Store,’ individuals are taken aback by her look.

When she raises her arm to pay, the entire establishment exclaims, “Oh my gosh!”

She added saying these guys don’t even have teeth. Why are they concerned about shaving? No offence, but it’s fine if one does not have teeth. But one shouldn’t get upset over someone else’s armpit hair.

She also stated that she “doesn’t want to shave a section of her body that bends” since “hair will come back three hours later and itch,” comparing the process to “making sandpaper.”

She stated that she doesn’t give a damn if one wants to shave their armpits. But she doesn’t want to shave hers. She shaved for around ten years straight. Every day, and it makes no difference.

We’re floating on a rock. So, floating rock, it doesn’t matter; do whatever one likes. She doesn’t mind if one has armpit hair.

The artist also stated that the key to happiness is to “do whatever the hell you want” and “not allow anyone to get in your way.”

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Fans soon rallied around her, with one adding, ‘This is my president!’

‘Floating rock=nothing matters, I’m utilising this for everything in my life now, thank you,’ remarked another.

‘Sis must be safeguarded at all costs,’ said a third.

‘I sweat SO MUCH LESS when I have armpit hair than when I shave,’ wrote a fourth.

‘Stunning gorgeous females have armpit hair,’ said another.

Jada expressed that she quit shaving in 2019 after growing up in singing and dance competitions that required her to be clean shaven.

She was meant to be on stage at all times. During this period, she was really struggling to sort out who she was and what she liked. However, despite everybody else’s view weighing on her, she started to feel free, she continued.

She went on to say that she created the TikTok out of a “pure desire to let all her frustrations out” and that she intended to “make a comedy” out of everyone who was giving her negative vibes.

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