Woman runs down 2 brothers crossing the street, parents watch in horror as she speeds off with one boy on the hood

A tragic vehicle accident involving a drunk driver that struck the boys while they were out on a family stroll claimed the lives of two young brothers.

Rebecca Grossman, 57, the motorist suspected of killing the boys, is said to have been intoxicated at the time of the horrible collision. In front of horrified parents, 11-year-old Mark and 9-year-old Jacob Iskander were struck and killed on the highway.

Grossman is the co-founder and head of the Grossman Burn Foundation and is a well-known socialite in Los Angeles. Additionally, her name is now associated with the tragic incident in Westlake Village when she killed Mark and Jacob in front of their family.

On September 29, 2020, at about 7:10 p.m., a deadly accident occurred. Grossman’s white Mercedes and another fast vehicle charged toward the six-member Iskander family as they crossed the street in Westlake Village at a designated crosswalk at Triunfo Canyon Road and Saddle Mountain Drive. Mark and Jacob were hurt in the crash but the parents and the two younger siblings were able to avoid it.

The kids were strolling beside their parents. The situation is quite terrible. Two kids were struck by the car after the mother and father managed to stop the other two children in time, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Salvador Becerra stated.

The accident’s intensity continued to increase. One of the boys was on the bonnet of Grossman’s car, and she continued driving for over a hundred feet with the youngster there, according to the sheriff’s department. When Grossman eventually brought the automobile to a halt, the youngster is thought to have fallen to the ground and slid off the car, according to investigators.

However, according to reports, Grossman drove over the youngster as soon as he slid off and kept driving.

Eventually, Grossman’s white Mercedes with a dented front end was discovered approximately a mile and a half distant.

One of the two brothers was killed in the collision right away. The second sibling succumbed to his injuries in the hospital a few hours later. Officers first suspected that Grossman may have been intoxicated and engaged in some street racing at the time of the crash based on their preliminary investigation. Officers looked for the second automobile that was suspected to have been engaged in the event after it occurred and was also driving quickly toward the family.

State Senator Henry Stern was cited on social media as saying, this is a tragic loss for their neighborhood. Two youngsters who have their entire lives ahead of them. Hold your loved ones close tonight and say a prayer for the Iskander family.

Following the incident, the group that Grossman co-founded also issued the following statement that the Grossman Burn Center family at West Hills Hospital is very grieved by this loss, as is their whole community. They offer their condolences to everyone who has been impacted.”

Community members assembled at Westlake Village to remember the two youngsters and grieve their passing. Some people even put toys and flowers in the vicinity of the horrible crash site.

Young boys who are intelligent and active were identified as Mark and Jacob. Mark was a very nice young man. He had a good education and was disciplined. According to Marcos Guirguis, a resident of Simi Valley, stated that he was buddies with everyone.  The two of them were also brothers to their younger siblings, Zach, 4, and their infant sister, who was 18 months old.

Grossman was arrested and taken to the Los Angeles County prison, where a $2 million bond was issued. She was eventually freed after paying bail.

A GoFundMe campaign was created on behalf of the bereaved family in order to collect money and support them during this difficult time. While there is nothing we can say or do to bring back these precious angels, the page stated that they hope to join together to give everything they can to support their family with funeral bills and any unforeseen expenditures that may emerge during this dreadful and hard time. Let’s convey to the Iskander family that they are not alone and that we are here for them.

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