Woman says she was forced to give up daughter to alleged rapist — and pay child support

As per a recent story, a Louisiana lady claims a court granted her suspected rapist custody of their kid — and ordered her to provide him child support.

Crysta Abelseth, 32, said that John Barnes raped her when she was 16 in 2005 after offering her a lift home during a night out with pals in Hammond, Louisiana.

It was her first meeting with Barnes, who is now 46.

Abelseth alleged of Barnes, who was 30 at the time that rather than taking her home, he took her to his place. He apparently pressed himself on her. The interaction, even if mutual, was illegal given her age, she added.

Per a police complaint she submitted years later, Abelseth was quite inebriated that night and awakened the next day naked on Barnes’ bathroom floor.

The young woman became pregnant and eventually gave birth to a healthy baby girl, however Barnes heard about the kid and that he may be the dad five years later. According to court papers, a DNA test verified his fatherhood.

Abelseth told a local television station that once he found out about his kid, he went after custody and sought to take her away from the mom. Ignoring the fact that the kid was the result of rape, they gave him 50/50 custody.

In 2015, Abelseth filed charges outlining the alleged rape with the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office when she realised that the claimed offence was still within the statute of limitations.

The inquiry went nowhere but the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office notified that the file remains open and allocated it to Detective Lindell Bridges.

Per the TV station, Barnes operates Gumbeaux Digital Branding, a web firm that has Ponchatoula Police as a customer.

Abelseth pointed out that he’s well-connected. He’s blackmailed her several times, saying he has ties in the legal system and that he can take her away at any moment. She didn’t believe him till it occurred.

Louisiana Judge Jeffrey Cashe gave Barnes full custody earlier this year after the dad claimed Abelseth provided the youngster a smartphone, which she rejected. The judge of Louisiana’s 21st Judicial District Court also directed Abelseth to pay child support to her accused rapist.

Stacie Triche, founder of the charity SAVLIV35 Foundation and Abelseth’s advocate, became engaged in the case around 8 months ago.

Triche explained that she was obliged to pay her offender. To relinquish custody of the rape victim’s kid. It is undoubtedly one of the most horrific examples they have encountered.

Scott Perrilloux, the local district attorney, informed that his office is evaluating the matter.

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