Woman Seen On Camera Abandoning Toddler At Crowded Grocery Store.

Children are a gift of God. Not all are fine taking care of kids and doing the parenting job. However at that point seek for help, not just simply abandon a little angel who trusts his/her parents wholeheartedly.

After a manhunt, a woman who purposefully left her two-year-old daughter at a grocery shop was apprehended. Following a public plea, police detained Chiengkham ‘Cindy’ Vilaysane, 31, on suspicion of child endangerment, child maltreatment, and being under the influence of prohibited narcotics.

The toddler wandered away from Vilaysane when they were in the Riverside shop together.

According to authorities, when another shopper returned her daughter to her, Vilaysane told her to “just leave her.” Vilaysane then went on with her purchases, checking out at the cashier’s counter, and leaving the store without her kid. The girl was discovered uninjured but alone at the Food-4-Less on Van Buren Boulevard approximately 5 p.m.

When the police showed the child the surveillance footage, she recognised Vilaysane, who was dressed in a black tank top and shorts, as ‘mommy.’

In an appeal to the public, authorities published surveillance footage showing Vilaysane in the grocery shop with her kid, while her name remained unclear. When Vilaysane entered a bank at 5 p.m. the next day, a teller recognised her from news headlines and alerted the cops. She was detained and jailed on suspicion of endangering a kid, neglecting a child, and being under the influence of prohibited narcotics.

According to Miranda, Vilaysane was once placed on a 72-hour psychiatric detention and had disagreements with the police for medication and liquor offenses. she was also just evicted from her family home.

Vilaysane’s little girl was put under the watchful eye of Child Protective Services. Miranda explained that ‘She is protected presently, and healthy other than being stirred up by what’s happening.’

He stated that officials ‘wouldn’t be where we are now without the public’s assistance,’ as many people jumped into action after witnessing the tragic CCTV tape.

They have subsequently located the girl’s family members, who are assisting with the investigation.

Vilaysane’s social media accounts state that she is 32 years old and that her daughter’s name is Danica. She uploaded several romantic images of the two together, but she stated that she was ‘ready to depart anytime’ with her ‘husband to be.’

According to investigators, Vilaysane also has an older daughter who stays with her dad.

Her Facebook profile also describes her as a junior production officer at the Department of Defense. The Riverside Police Department, on the other hand, clarified and stated on Twitter that they had no record of a lady with her name working at the Riverside Police Department.

Watch the shocking video.

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