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Woman Shames Cop For Eating On Duty, So He Tells Her About His Day.

So many of us have hectic days when we rush from one activity to the next, attempting to complete everything by a given deadline.

We’ve all experienced those days when it’s difficult to find time to use the restroom, let alone plan our meals.

But when we do get a break, it’s so lovely to get five minutes to rest and eat, and a police officer is no exception.

When PC Andre Owen used his sole break in a 12-hour shift to get some lunch, one woman chose to embarrass him.

His answer on social media has gone viral, with hundreds of people expressing their solidarity for the hardworking officer.

Andre Owen understands that a day in the life of an officer is not simple. As a Police Constable, he understands how hard law enforcement officers throughout the world fight to keep citizens safe.

Obviously, hard working people like our police and officers require a vacation from time to time.

They may rescue lives and appear to be superheroes, yet they are merely human.

Police Constable Owens had been working for seven hours straight and still had a 100-mile drive and paperwork to do when he took a break.

He realized he needed to eat to get through the remaining three hours of his work, so he stopped at Burger King.

Sadly, one woman in the diner was unconcerned. Surprisingly, she chose to embarrass Owen by accusing him of buying food during his shift.

PC Owen finished his sandwich, coke, and coffee and was about to return to his car and make the lengthy drive back to his station when a woman approached him and said that while he is stuffing his face in here, there are criminals out there who need to be apprehended.

That’s when the cop gave the best retort he could muster.

Owen resorted to Twitter to share his tale after being shaken by how the woman responded to him taking a break to eat after spending seemingly unending hours assisting others.

He said that the lady who criticized him for buying lunch had glared at him while he waited to pick up his order and then made the remark.

PC Owen’s message went viral, with hundreds of people expressing their gratitude for the hardworking officer. Owen, a five-year Sussex Police officer, received more recognition than he could have dreamed.

He shared it on Twitter, and it quickly gained traction with a lot of great feedback.  The tweet was not intended to express compassion, but to expose the people to the truth behind what is usual in the UK, he expressed.

The police officer stated that he’d had a very busy day before the woman yelled at him.

That day, it was 2 p.m., and he was weary, hungry, and eager to conclude his shift at 3 p.m.

He was assigned to a critical task in Brighton five minutes after starting his shift. He  dealt with it before having to travel continuously to Oxford as part of the same task, single crewed, he explained.

He stopped at a service station half an hour into the return ride for his first restroom stop of the day. He  also bought a double whopper meal, apple pie, Coke, and a cappuccino while he was there.

When the anonymous female observed the cop in uniform, she opted to make conclusions about the scenario.

While he was waiting, a lady eating her own lunch started gazing at her, Owen recounted.

He took the meal and as he went away, she muttered something along the lines of ‘while you’re in here filling your face, there’s criminals out there who need to be caught,’ he smiled, and simply walked away without saying anything.

The officer stated that his duty was then extended to 12 hours when he agreed to assist a family with a broken down automobile.

He didn’t hesitate, even though it was past the end of his shift. Owen came to a halt and aided in stopping traffic and bringing a couple and their kids to safety.

He then waited for recovery to pick them up, utilizing his blue lights to protect everyone around him.  It made his already long day even longer, Owen stated.

However, he still had a hundred miles to go before arriving back at the station. Before he could go home, he had to finish a stack of papers.

He concluded his shift at 7 p.m.

While it’s lengthy and the lady irritated him at the time, he love his work and wouldn’t trade it for the world, he continued.

Police officers are human, too! I believe many police can relate to PC Owen’s tale, and we appreciate his hard work and devotion to keeping our community safe.

Even though the hours are hard and unpleasant, most police officers like their employment.

It takes a lot of dedication to put your life in danger for complete strangers, many of whom would loathe you for the petty infraction of taking a lunch break.

So, the next time you see a cop grabbing a fast snack, smile rather than assume.

We don’t always know what he or she has gone through or what is in store for them. Remember that police officers are also people.

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