Woman shares sweet exchange with 92-yr-old grandpa who invited her over for ‘sleepover’

Megan Elizabeth, a 29 year old TikTok user lately shared a moving story about how her grandpa was feeling lonesome so he extended a helping hand towards her. The story demonstrates what can take place when one person is sufficiently courageous to challenge their social loneliness and the vital part that grandchildren can play in their grandparents’ lives.

It all begins when Megan’s grandfather sent a text message to her to ask if she’d like to come over for a sleepover. The text message reads as, “I haven’t been feeling well and miss you. We can order food and watch a mystery show. Love, grandpa,”

Megan was glad to go meet and see him, so grandfather made a chain of wishes to make the sleepover a success.

He asked Megan to carry cinnamon apple sauce and crush potatoes since he has no teeth and can only consume soft stuffs. Next in the request was some strawberry ice cream for dessert course.

Megan’s Grandpa finished the conversation and said that she is his favourite granddaughter. Interestingly enough, Megan later realised that she’s his only granddaughter.

Megan reached her grandpa’s home with a large shopping bag of foodstuff and some ice cream and the two viewed his much-loved black-and-white mystery flicks. Grandpa hadn’t disremembered how to put her to sleep when it was time to go to the bed. He kept a glass of water by the bed in case his granddaughter got thirsty and he also left a lamp on the nightstand just in case the favourite granddaughter got frightened.

Megan lived with her grandparents when she was young and grandfather and granddaughter grew up close to one another. She lives in house which is right across the street that her parents bought later.

Megan wrote on her Instagram post that she feels so lucky to have grown up with her grandparents. She wrote that she feels so glad and she is grateful for her grandfather and he will never recognize how much love he really has given away her. And more significantly, the affection he showed her grandmother while she was alive. Megan further wrote that she trusts in love and faithfulness because of her grandpa and he is her hero.

Megan’s time with her granddad made her understand a valued lesson about her life.

She wrote on her Instagram that she think one of the vital understandings she have had of late is that it’s imperative to live in the instant but it is essential to live in the now with commitment so that when you are 92 year old, you look back and beam at all the individuals you loved, the remembrances you made and the life you chose to live.

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