Woman Slammed For Agreeing With Her Sister’s Ex- Boyfriend.

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As a kid, I always looked up to my older sis because she was so cool, pretty, and the popular girl. I always tried to be like her, dressed like her, listen to her music, you get the idea. I was popular the 1st time I stepped through the HS door because I was basically a copy of her. I was overwhelmed by the attention but quickly found out she was mostly popular with only the guys. She “dated” many of the guys in our HS and they thought I would too. I was so embarrassed, I had our mom take me out to buy new clothes and everything. Whatever she did, I went the opposite way. She wore tons of makeup, I wore none. She listened to a certain type of music, I didn’t. We went to different colleges.

Fast forward to now. Sis must have figured out her lifestyle wasn’t healthy so she stopped “dating” a bunch of men, deleted all of those apps, and met Sam. He’s very good looking with a great personality and amazing job. He was smart, funny, outgoing, and can own the entire room when he walks in. He grew up in a different city so his family doesn’t live here but we’ve met and they’re amazing just like him. Sam quickly replaced us as mom’s favorite child and became our dad’s best friend. He eventually proposed and everyone was over the moon. I was very happy for sis.

Last week she came to my door looking like a complete wreck. She was crying so hard she couldn’t talk. After an hour or so, I calmed her down enough to get the story. Apparently they were at a party and were mingling separately when he overheard some guys talking about her popularity. Sam joined the group and got her “dating” history. 2 of the guys in that group “dated” her and about 4 other guys at that party did too, 1 of whom works with him (which is why they were there). He heard about the guys laughing about how all the men in the town were depressed when she went away to college but rejoiced when she came back. When they got home, he asked her, she told him the truth, and he left without saying a word.

I helped sis and she’s been staying with me for now. She hasn’t told anyone and has been trying to get in touch with Sam and his family but they’re all ignoring her. Everyone on our side is super confused because Sam just disappeared. Our cousin (my best friend) pinned me down the other day to ask what happened. I told her and she was appalled. She called him all sorts of names and insecure. I said I can understand from his view as we live in a small town and it’s hard to know many men and your coworkers “know” your future wife. Then my cousin and I got into it. She said I should be supporting my sis no matter what. I argued I am supporting her but supporting doesn’t mean I have to agree with her.

Now I might lose my best friend.

Edit: we’re all in our 30s, graduated college, and living on our own.

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