Woman Takes Side Of Her Newly Married Husband’s Daughter Rather Than Own Daughter.

The narrator, a 35-year-old woman, married Joe, who has a daughter Bella the same age as her daughter Jessica. Recently, she found out from the school that Jessica had been bullying Bella for being “ugly” and “unfashionable.” The narrator decided to take action.

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I ( F35) have a daughter Jessica (F15) and two years ago I married Joe (M47) who has a daughter Bella(F15). Joe and Jessica always have gotten along very well and I presumed Jessica and Bella would also bond as they are the same age and Jessica has always wanted a sister and I thought they did get along. At home they were always nice to each other, shared stuff, seemed to have fun. Recently I got a call from their school stating that Bella was crying in the office, before I could ask her why they told me that Jessica was bullying her for being “ugly” and “unfashionable”.

Bella does have a bit of an alternative style but I think its creative and unique and not an excuse to bully her. I was absolutely horrified at this as when I was a child I was also bullied for things like that and I have always raised Jessica to be kind and empathetic. I picked Bella up from school early and took her out for ice cream and let her talk if she wanted to and she confessed she didn’t say anything because she wanted Jessica to like her and she didn’t want to cause any problems as since her mom died she hasn’t seen her dad so happy. I then continued to tell her I wouldn’t tell Jessica that she told me but telll her the school did to possibly mend their relationship and that she can always talk to me whenever as although I will never replace her mom I want to be there for her no matter what. When Jessica came home I told her that her behaviour is extremely unkind and I asked her why she did it she then continued to say that she is right and that Bella “dresses like a freak and looks like a hideous rat” and that her friends were teasing her for having to live with her.

I then told her that I would be taking away her phone for a week and that she has to apologize to Bella. she then proceeded to say more nasty things about Bella which then made me snap. I told her I would take away all her makeup EXCEPT her skincare prescribed by her dermatologist and most of her new clothes that I bought for her last week she then started crying which made me feel bad but I didn’t relent. One of her main interests is makeup and fashion as she wants to be a stylist when she grows up but since she is bullying her step sister for a related thing I thought it would be appropriate until she learns to show kindness to others. I have offered to set up therapy or try to discuss it but she screams I am ruining her life every time I am near her. Bella appreciates my effort and before anyone asks why Joe is not involved it is because he goes on a lot of business trips so he is currently away and I am a SAHM. Am I Wrong ?

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