Woman Teaches Neighbor A Lesson For Life After She Threatened To Call Cops.

Good neighbours are priceless. It’s great to have good neighbours to have a peaceful neighbourhood. However not all are lucky with good neighbours. At times we need to deal with neighbours that are impolite, harsh or rude.

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I live in a condo/townhome, with 4 other neighbors belonging to our condo/property board. We all have our own driveways on the property. When I first moved in, my neighbor “Jane” who doesn’t have a car said we could use her driveway from time to time if needed for making space for snow removal.

I have 2 cars. Since the driveways are only “one lane,” one of my cars is always blocked in by the other. One day a few months ago, I wanted to take one of my cars to the car wash because it had been sitting there for quite some time. So I took car #1 out of my driveway, parked it in her driveway, and then took car #2 out and went on my way to get the car washed. I thought since she had said it was ok, I would leave car #1 in her driveway until I got back rather than putting it back in my driveway and having to move the cars around again when I got back.

When I got home, Jane was banging on my door furiously. She told me that if I park my car in her driveway again, she’d call the police. I was a bit confused because she had said it was ok. I ended up trying to be the bigger person and apologizing. I said I was sorry for the misunderstanding and that I wouldn’t use her driveway anymore. After that, she was very unfriendly whenever we’d cross paths. Totally ignored me if I’d say hello.

Fast forward to now, she has a used car that she purchased. Her battery is dead and she knocked on my door asking for a boost. She had seen me give a boost to another neighbor not too long ago. She said she was now running late for an appointment and really needed my help. I said sorry, can’t help, and I closed my door without another word.

Another neighbor (who knows about Jane threatening to call the police) saw this whole interaction and thought I was a bit harsh and should have just helped Jane out and given her a boost. Do you think the post author did the right thing or should she apologize?

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