Woman turns clothes of lost loved ones into memory bears for grieving families to cherish

When we lose a loved one, the sorrow might be tremendous, but as they say, time heals all wounds.

Memories of times spent with that special person may be a strong healer and can be sparked by the most innocuous of things: a fragrance, a location, or a song.

A woman in the United Kingdom is now assisting families who have lost a loved one by making a teddy bear out of their favourite piece of clothing, and her concept has gone viral.

Mary MacInnes believes that her Memory Bears will breathe new life into folk’s loved ones’ outgrown clothing and provide utmost relief to those in suffering and grief.

The skilled 21-year-old not only employs the beloved garments of individuals who have died, but may even add their jewels and even ashes.

A special pocket may be added to keep messages and photographs, and while they are not intended to be toys, Mary says she makes them for kids to help them get through difficult times.

Mary, who has been sewing the teddy bears for six years, explained that the procedure may be emotionally exhausting.

Mary explained that lately a 37-year-old dad requested her to make bears for his two kids, ages 10 and 12. He offered to pay in full and paid her £10 more to send them to his girls. It was discovered that he had terminal cancer and would not live to see Christmas. She sobbed the entire time she was cutting out, sewing, and stuffing those two small bears.

Mary had spent her time on designing wedding gowns and had studied fashion technology at a university in the United Kingdom. She built her first memory bear as a favour for a friend five years ago and was overwhelmed with offers to make more.

She explained that she declined since she chose to focus on education and a profession in bridal.

But she hasn’t looked back since she chose to alter course and concentrate on manufacturing more of these cute animals.

She explained that she adores seeing their features take on character, and is having the time of her life. When her clients come to collect their bears, 80 percent of them fall into tears. She suppose it’s because when clothes come as sorrowful memories of the past, it’s almost as if fresh life is breathed into them. she explained.

She continued that they become a lot more comfortable to snuggle and chat to, and the response is that they absolutely can assist with the mourning period.

What a lovely way to remember your loved ones who have passed away. Thank heavens for compassionate and imaginative individuals like Mary in our world.

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